Sound mind. Sound body.

Composure’s audio platform will help you get there.

Waves that go with your flow.

Personalized soundscapes that adapt to you.

Overture puts you in control of your mood and productivity with adaptive soundscapes that match life’s ebbs and flows. Easily create and play custom sounds, discover other user creations, remix sounds to your liking, and more. Overture is designed to deliver music and sound to improve focus, productivity, relaxation and everything in between.

Explore your way to calm.

Get some “you time”, in no time.

Prelude is an open-ended, fully-interactive music experience to help you find calm and feel grounded within 5 minutes. Transport yourself to a soothing environment scored by Composure’s therapeutic music while interacting with floating shapes in virtual space right from your web browser. A few minutes with Prelude, and you’ll feel centered and ready to take on the rest of your day.

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