The worlds easiest way to create personalized music for movement, mood and mindset.

See and hear for yourself:

Choose from solo instruments, harmonies, rhythms and nature sounds to quickly build extraordinary soundscapes.

I was amazed by how fast you can create your own music!

The music is really high-quality with a simple interface that works well.

This is the most user-friendly music platform I’ve seen! With it, music may have its Instagram moment!

I’ve been waiting for technology like this and it’s finally arrived. Thank you!

Music made easy

Composure provides everything you need, and nothing you don’t, to quickly create custom music and soundscapes in just a few clicks.

Get real

Our platform contains audio created by REAL composers and REAL musicians using REAL instruments so you can make music…for REAL.

Search no more

Why search endlessly for the right music? Use our unique “building blocks” of sound to make your own music in less time than it takes to search for it.

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