Tune your wellbeing.

Take charge of your mental and emotional wellbeing with Composure’s innovative music and sound platform.

Score your day.

Just as movies use great soundtracks to enhance the experience, Overture lets you score your day with personalized soundscapes to improve focus, lift your mood, or simply calm and soothe your nerves. Be the hero of your own story through sounds you control. (Popcorn optional.)

Click it. Play it. Change it. Save it.

Overture is the world’s simplest way to discover, play, and customize your own soundscapes. Our system lets you freely explore different music and nature sound combinations that always work together. Hear something you want to change? Simply swap out sounds and save it as your own creation.

Performance enhancement.

The science is in. Research shows that the right music and sonic environment boosts productivity, helps regulate mood, and even influences physical health. Whether you want to optimize personal or team performance, bring your customers together through a shared experience, or simply create a relaxing atmosphere, our platform puts you in charge of everything you hear.

Level set.

Whether you need to fire it up or cool it down, you can instantly strike the right tone with the Overture platform. No more digging through endless playlists for that perfect mood. Our soundscapes are sorted by Energy Levels making it quick and easy to find exactly what you need.

Try it for yourself

What people are saying

Amy LaMeyer
Amy LaMeyerWXR Fund & music technologist
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"This is the most user-friendly music platform I’ve seen! With it, music may have its Instagram moment!"
Will Schneider
Will SchneiderFounder at Shift-2-Flow & yoga instructor
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“I’ve been waiting for technology like this and it’s finally arrived. Thank you!”
Mike Harry
Mike HarryCo-Founder & CEO - OVAL Digital
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“The music is really high-quality with a simple interface that works well.”
Adi Wallach
Adi WallachCo-Founder and CEO at Dendro Technologies (CalmiGo)
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“I was amazed by how fast you can create your own music! I think it can be a great tool for guided imagery instructors and other types of professionals who are looking to offer calming music to their clients or patients”

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