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Though music streaming services are a great way to discover new music, create playlists, and listen to your favorite artists, they all provide content on a “take it or leave it” basis. Don’t like a song? *Skip*. Like the song, but the lyrics are distracting? *Skip*. Can’t find a song with the right mood or pace? Happy searching (through an ocean of content)! Finding the right music to play becomes an ”I’ll know it when I hear it…” chore. Overture flips this concept on its head. We give you the power to dial in exactly what you’re looking for by choosing two simple things; Time – how long you want to listen – and Energy – how you want soundscapes to support you in terms of mood and pace.

No. We are 100% ad-free and our soundscapes are completely uninterrupted.
No. We are 100% royalty-free. You are only responsible for paying your recurring subscription fee.
We allow our customers to use our soundscapes as live background for things like presentations, teaching, and even live broadcasts, so long as the sounds are generated and played through our app environment. We do not currently allow our customers to record, download, or otherwise use our soundscapes outside of our app environment for synchronization with other media such as videos, games, or VR/AR content.
It’s widely known that music and sound takes a “hold of us” right away. An internal shift begins to happen within seconds of hearing a few bars of calming music or the sounds of a gentle waterfall. In regards to our Prelude app, a preliminary study proved it significantly reduced stress and improved mood within 5 minutes of use. Our Overture app gives you the power to decide which sounds work best, and most quickly, for you. However, your mileage may vary and we do not claim everyone will respond the same way.
Change it! Overture makes soundscapes modular. Are drums not your thing? Fire the drummer with a few clicks to swap them out with something different. It’s easy, and you don’t have to give up the rest of the sound elements in your soundscape. (Drummers – please don’t send us hate mail…it was just an example, sheesh!)
We have an ever-growing collection of original instrumental music and ambient recordings. Our Overture app lets you use these sounds to combine and configure soundscapes the way you like. Sonically and stylistically, we’ve created these sounds (which we call Atoms) to be most effective for helping you with things like focus, relaxation, motivation, and sleep.
This is not currently supported, but we hope you’ll enjoy our ever-growing database of sounds to create literally millions of your own soundscape options!

We don’t currently have a mobile app, but being a web app means you can use your mobile web browser to log in and access most features on our platform.

Payments are Coming!

We are currently setting up our payments, stay tuned.