Composure is an audio technology company leading the way in interactive audio for wellbeing.

We explore the intersection of music and sound with mental and emotional health to create digital experiences that put audio to work for you.

Our Team

Compassionate & Driven

Jeff McSpadden​

Co-Founder & CEO

Roland Dubois

Co-Founder & CTO

Yung L. Leung

Lead Developer

Lisa Cottle

Product Manager

Our Values​

We believe…

Music and sound make the world a happier,
more connected place.

Technology gives us superpowers.

The best way to grow is to listen.

We’re committed to…

Continuous innovation so that we can provide the very best for our customers.

Delivering simple yet delightful experiences using rich and robust content.

Putting our “dent in the universe” and elevating the human condition.

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Payments are Coming!

We are currently setting up our payments, stay tuned.